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Easybonus launched in early 2016 with Jack streaming online slots and casino. In 2019, long-time friend Philip partnered up and joined Jack on his journey! The stream continued to grow, and it was then time to take it to the next level! This was when Marcus was invited to the team. With huge passion and experience for gambling, the Daske team is dedicated to delivering the best casino content possible for the community!

Our main mission is to offer all our fellow gamblers out there only the very best casino bonuses, game reviews and casino content possible. We also take pride in promoting responsible play.
Gambling should always be fun and we are here to have a good time within our limits!

Since we have begun streaming, we have been able to expand and grow, allowing followers
from around the globe to enjoy our content!

From the very start, we have engaged in a long-lasting relationship with viewers, readers and our partners alike. This allows our brand to become trust-worthy and well respected within the community.


100% Bonus up to €300
+100 Free Spins


100% Bonus up to €300
+100 Free Spins


100% Bonus up to €100
+100 Free Spins


150% Bonus up to 200€ and 100% up to 1000€
Bitcoin: Deposit Bonus 170% up to 600€
Sports: 1st deposit bonus 100% up to 500€