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    So basicly most of the info about this casino is in my previous topic about the giveaway.
    After a long while i played trough my ”giveaway win” and lost everything since they kept rejecting every single document i send. Playing and losing the balance is my own fault though, but why i want to add this casino to a blacklist is because of the following:

    1. Poor support, asked some stuff about the verification and they told me they did not know anything and i have to send the KYC team an email. So i did that and they mailed me back with emails without any detailed info, then they add an screenshot as an example, and that screenshot did not even work, also they ignored some of my emails and never gave any clear answer to anything.

    2. the verification process, so i have send bills, send the official document of the deposit, gave them a screenshot of my online bank with the secured site logo like they asked, and they still denied it. After contacting them again i send them an official document translated in english to ”declaration of good behaviour”. basicly this file is normally used when i would look for a job in my country and proof to them i do not have a criminal record. All my info is in this document and they still rejected it. Sorry but if an official government document is not accepted, that what the hell will be accepted?

    3. well this one is not that important but its about the giveaway you had with them. They did not keep themselves to your giveaway bonus terms (choice of immediate withdrawal or account balance). Had contact with someone else who won aswell on your giveaway and he told me they kept delaying his withdrawal aswell, same as me he was not happy about this and today when i spoke to him he told me he had contact with you and that you probably fixed it. Good for him but this shouldn’t happen in the first place.

    I love the stream but this was the worst giveaway & casino i ever joined, i hope this wont happen in the future and you will make clear terms for the next time.

    See you on the stream later 😉

    Kind regards,




    I’ve also sent 3 different bank statements, all of them rejected, feels like it’s impossible to verify an account at Campeonbet. I’ve used the same documents for Slotmillions, Videoslots, Vera & john, and some other sites, all of those accepted them, apart from Campeonbet.
    They just verified my ID and proof of deposit, but bank statements are all rejected. Here is the proof for what i’m saying.

    View post on

    Also, i won a giveaway as well, but money still not paid after more then a month, even though claiming it will be done within one week. They kept postponing it week by week, and now they are not even responding to emails anymore. First of all winners were supposed to be drawn on 31st of May, but instead were drawn on 13th of June.
    Today is 16th of July, and still nothing is paid.
    If not done by the end of this week I will expose Campeonbet and their agent sites like Svenbet on every single forum and casino stream there is, including Latin America forums where they operate the most. Enough is enough!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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